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Presence within 5 meters of where disemboweled hares were rinsed was the risk factor most strongly associated with infection.
The results of the cohort study support this hypothesis on the basis of the association between case status and presence within 5 meters of the location where disemboweled hares were rinsed.
Bacon and his grotesque circle annihilate everyone around them as well as each other: They are grown-up versions of the little monsters who disemboweled cats in The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea.
Disemboweled rabbits, their entrails coiled in patterns like William Morris wallpaper; butterflies; skulls; and ghostly flocks of birds all point to their maker's death-haunted vision.
He's had a special interest in the unsolved case of the first modern serial killer, who murdered and surgically disemboweled five prostitutes in the East End district of Whitechapel one autumn before Scotland Yard, and the nascent tabloid press, could figure out who he was.
It is a pleasure to see a figure that does not turn into a signifier of itself--a suicidal, disemboweled representation--but, rather, creates the illusion that it is still possible to experience through art.
He was caught and tortured, and sentenced to be hanged until he was almost dead, then disemboweled and then drawn and quartered.
The toy topping Rose's list: Curse of Spawn action figure Ryan Hatchet, the bloody disemboweled corpse of a former high school student.
A girl who was disemboweled when her bottom became pinned to the drain of a kiddie pool will receive a total of $30.