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He was disembowelled with the blade, which was believed to have been embedded in plastic.
Unlike 16 others executed with him, he was not disembowelled alive after being dragged through the streets on a hurdle - a piece of glorified fence.
James Sunter, a Home Office pathologist, said Mr Philpott was alive when he was disembowelled and it was probably the cause of his death.
There he meets young priest James D'Arcy and doctor Izabella Scorupco, and the feeling of dread increases - along with the disembowelled corpses and maggot-covered babies.
He was sentenced to be hung, cut down alive, disembowelled and have his entrails burnt in front of his eyes and then to be quartered.
Do hunt followers really think that we public are so stupid as to believe that being chased and then disembowelled (as forensic evidence show) by 30 pairs of gnashing teeth, is more humane than being shot?
Postmortem results have shown that some are literally disembowelled before they finally die.
In one of the most violent attacks recorded in Garda files, Raonaid was literally disembowelled in a frenzied attack.
The Universum cinema fell into disrepair and was disembowelled in the 1970s, its important interior proving as ephemeral as the numerous Odeons which it spawned in the UK.
Now that the Lizard King lies disembowelled on a surgeon's slab, we feel it is our duty to detail his last inglorious moments.
But we never see gory pictures of a terror-stricken fox with its head in the jaws of a hound while being disembowelled by another lead dog, or a victorious hunter holding aloft the ravaged remains of a once-beautiful animal.