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They include the Duke of Clarence, the grandson of the then-reigning monarch Queen Victoria, who supposedly learnt disembowelling techniques on deer, and was alleged to have had "syphilis of the brain".
Now, after a prisoner admitted disembowelling and murdering a paedophile inmate, victims and union representatives have called for greater protection.
His killers had somehow managed to overpower him, keep him down and keep him quiet before disembowelling him.
It all comes to a head when Radames goes off to battle and returns with Aida's dad among the prisoners being led to a bit of ritual disembowelling.
Still, it's great to see theWelshman having fun with disembowelling and the like, while Ray Liotta's poor FBI guy ends up wishing for the day when Lecter limited himself to eating census takers with fava beans and a nice chianti.
It's the same combination of talents he brings to his latest one-man show, Do Nothing, which The Sunday Times noted is, "As close as you can get to a man emotionally and philosophically disembowelling himself on stage.
So if you're disembowelling a few for this year's festivities, make sure you experiment with their insides.
The last thing this country needs is even more kids closeted in their bedrooms failing to grasp basic social skills, while learning the best means of disembowelling an enemy through some violent computer game.
Swindon then stabbed Mr Philpott in the abdomen before disembowelling him and leav ing his bloodstained and mutilated body tied up.
At the FWD'S recent annual conference he said the OFF "seems intent oil presiding over the ritual disembowelling of the independent sector by its acquiescence to the ambitions of the giant superstores".