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Which presumably means that if your tradition and belief involves disembowelling sheep in the grounds of the local church, the worst you'll get from a passing bobby will be "Evenin' all you Satanists.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Gordon Brown ritually disembowelling himself on the steps of Number 10, so incredibly powerful is the death-wish that seems to grip his government.
She is claiming pounds 77,300 compensation because she was forced to quit disembowelling chickens to take a lower-paid office job.
A spokesman for Home Secretary David Blunkett said after the defeat: "We feel that the unelected Tory peers are disembowelling vital parts of the Bill and completely undermining our fight against terrorism.
Their 8in tusks are capable of disembowelling a cow.
A MAN committed suicide by castrating and disembowelling himself at his home.
They are disembowelling and kneecapping the Bill and it is disgraceful.
A SCOT accused of almost disembowelling a homeless Aborigine has had a warrant issued for his arrest shortly after being dumped back into this country
The ABC network passed on taking Hannibal because of its grim content, which includes the disembowelling of a victim and people being eaten alive by wild boars.
It may be that King Mswati has ritual disembowelling in mind.