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This action of cocooning the fallen human form and Albion's disembowelment mirrors, of course, the process in which the silkworm produces a covering thread that is unraveled--at the cost of the worm's life--in the process of sericulture.
FRIGHTENED FIRMS While an IPO firm's founders and managers are not yet subject to disembowelment (though enhanced penalties and jail terms under Sarbanes-Oxley are a step in that direction), liability in the public offering process is still quite onerous.
Long a secret ritual among comedians, "The Aristocrats" joke can use anything from childrearing and family matters to homosexuality, bestiality, disembowelment, incest, pedophilia, marriage, murder, and scatology in a contest to see who can tell the vilest version of the joke.
This is a rant, pure and simple, a gut-driven disembowelment of the most loathsome individual I've ever come across, not just in football, but in life.
Recently, we have commented on the use of embryonic stem-cells for research; on the relentless political activism of our judges; on Jean Chretien's s disembowelment of parliament; on the weakening position of the family; on poverty in our society.
When "the thing" enters the bodies of people and animals, there is a literal exposure of innards: an evisceration or a disembowelment.
Silva's study in horror engages all five senses: we watch dumbstruck the disembowelment of a soldier whose captors laugh at his attempt to contain his intestines; hear the shrieks of another who is being castrated; feel the maddening thirst of humans pushed to the extreme of imbibing their own urine; taste the rancid pork from swine fed on human body parts; and inhale the ubiquitous odor of gangrene and dysentery.
Mishima's disembowelment and decapitation followed a speech from a balcony in which he justified his imminent suicide as a protest against the SDF's failure to assert itself as a proper military force.
In Frisk, the narrator, who is describing in graphic detail the abduction, rape, murder, and disembowelment of a succession of young boys, says of his partners in crime:
The "Afghanis" are Algerians who fought during the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan and then - having learned the tricks of the trade - returned to implement the same jihad tactics in Algeria; they often used the same psychological warfare tactics - such as disembowelment and cutting the throats of victims - which they had used effectively against Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan.
Rape, castration, and disembowelment followed until some 350,000 were dead.
The concluding work of this collection, Yu Hua's important and disturbing "One Kind of Reality," pushes to an extreme the nihilistic disembowelment of all Chinese values, or indeed of any human value whatsoever.