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Indeed, it's a history that should tell us something about the distinct injustice of permanently disenfranchising ex-felons, whatever their race.
Disenfranchising these viewers would present a significant problem for broadcasters, the government and consumers.
It is not a matter of disenfranchising lawyers from their high fee-earning capacity; it is a matter of harnessing that capacity in the best interests of the firm as a whole - an example of the shift from the maverick mindset to the team mindset that today's competitive landscape and technological conditions require.
The complaint alleges that management's proxy statements are designed to confuse or deceive shareholders of the opportunity to vote on the increased number of Directors, which will result in the dilution and destruction of the right of the shareholder to control the company, thus disenfranchising them in violation of federal and state law.
We are extremely gratified by the overwhelming investor support we have received in our efforts to prevent the board from disenfranchising meVC shareholders.
The trial determined whether newly drawn voting districts are a racial gerrymander, drawn in a manner that discriminates against female incumbent legislators, and are disenfranchising to people favoring Democratic candidates.