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From a distance, the bottom of the painting looks partly scalloped, following the shapes of the ovals; from a middle distance, the tarry blob seems to constitute its own plane behind the ellipses, which appear to float; from close up, the informe distends and becomes part of the oval outlines, seeming to throb as it merges and disengages with them.
The enzyme binds to damaged DNA, draws energy from light to break apart the offending dimer, then disengages from the double helix.
Preaching a literature of social engagement, Anderson disengages from the life and controversies that his readers actually experience.
By continually sensing driving conditions, it automatically engages and disengages four-wheel drive without requiring the driver to stop and shift gears or lock differentials.
The Coupling automatically disengages, shutting down the system and preventing damage or destruction of the motor and driven equipment.
In this latest version, the retarder automatically disengages and freewheels when not in use to save on fuel.