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The man on the bank, who is trying to disentangle it, thinks all the fault lies with the man who rolled it up; and when a man up the river thinks a thing, he says it.
We just got out to disentangle the tow-line, and when we looked round, it was gone
Levin strode along the highroad, absorbed not so much in his thoughts (he could not yet disentangle them) as in his spiritual condition, unlike anything he had experienced before.
The respectful tenderness with which, on one knee before her, he helped her to remove her hat, and disentangle her pretty hair from it, was quite a chivalrous sight.
As the strong man exults in his physical ability, delighting in such exercises as call his muscles into action, so glories the analyst in that moral activity which disentangles.
It is a good heart,' said Nicholas, 'that disentangles itself from the close avocations of every day, to heed such things.
Disentangle Productions in co-operation with Parti Penrhyn organisers, North Wales Wildlife Trust and Gwerin y Coed put on an extraordinary children's show as poet 'Gruff ' merges from the woods and leads groups through the nature reserve in a bid to return the dragon's egg before the dragon catches them.
NanoPaths aims to understand how nanoparticles are processed by cells and in particular (1) to disentangle the mechanisms they use to enter cells, and (2) discover whether highly curved nanosized objects can assist cell membrane curvature, thus play an active role in their internalization; (3) to isolate the structures in which nanoparticles are internalized, in order to understand early sorting by cells, and further characterise the machinery for internalization; and finally (4) to define heterogeneity in cell response to nanoparticles in all of these aspects due to population context (i.
It will take micro-surgery to disentangle three centuries of close interdependence after which we will have to deal with three bitter neighbours"- Harry Potter creator JK Rowling, who supports the Better Together campaign.
They got entangled and have no idea how to disentangle them.
Sleiman refused to pose as false witness to Hizbullah's involvement in Syria exclaiming as to how the president could decline from asking the party of God to disentangle from Syria?
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