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NICK: Do you think that we are able to do things today as disestablished communities of faith that we could not do as established ones?
new states admitted after independence--were formally disestablished via
Neuhaus claimed, Christianity has been largely disestablished in Canada, then a spiritual void has been created.
10-16) and proposes to move from missiology as an established and instrumental help-discipline of mission to "a disestablished critical discipline, which focuses on critical deconstruction and creative reconstruction of mission theory" (p.
Until the C of E is disestablished that is unlikely to happen.
Conceptually, it was determined that TCMs would not be disestablished and continue to provide intensive DOTMLPF oversight of assigned systems as well modular BCTs.
As a further move toward integration and commonality, in 1993, PMA253 was formally disestablished and all of its TACAIR components were assimilated into PMA272.
Gustafson's charge that postliberalism threatens to turn God into "a tribal God of a minority of the world's population" (Gustafson 1985, 92) may both contain kernels of truth: the former in postliberalism's original context of the disestablished North, the latter in the new South.
And Mary Cary, in the late 1640s and early 1650s, argued against tithing, which persisted even though the Church of England had been disestablished.
that fails to perform can be disestablished, its local officials
In so doing, the government waived or disestablished April 30, 2001, as the due date.
Since the Church has not been disestablished, it means that bigots and barmpots have places in the House of Lords, which are denied those of other faiths.