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The topics include notes on divine presence in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah, converging metaphors in family religion in ancient Israel and the Levant, the theme of divine disfavor in the biblical prophetic books, reflections on the biblical evidence for how comprehensible divine silence can be, and the eloquent silence of God in Esther.
This inequality is mainly occurs due to household problems and disfavor of the society towards women's entrepreneurship.
One Iranian film has been selected for an out-of-competition screening, but that film--"The Paternal House" by director Kianush Ayari--is in disfavor with the regime and has not been approved for screening without "corrections.
With ITC issuing the initial ruling in disfavor, the Taiwanese steelmaker stressed that it will manage to collect the most possible market information related to this case and then resort to administrative remedies to safeguard interests of local upstream suppliers and downstream customers in the industry.
The Energy Minister stated that nontheless the country does not plan to disfavor its extensive coal mining industry and it remains a priority too.
A) For all possible outcomes in which there exist agents capable of having pro- and con-attitudes: (i) worthiness of favor is a strictly increasing function of goodness of outcomes; (ii) worthiness of disfavor is a strictly increasing function of badness of outcomes.
According to handout issued here on Saturday, in a statement issued here, the Vice President SAARC Chamber of Commerce said that increase in discount rate against the wishes of the business doing people was a disfavor to the economy as the same would be hitting hard the new investments.
The concessions and change of the name dictated by Greece that we must only carry out is something that the citizens disfavor.
Sell Your Home Fast: In a Buyer's Market" is a guide to selling one's home when the market seems to be in disfavor.
Several states have lifted or even eliminated caps on charter schools after learning that the DOE would look with disfavor on states that had them, and as in California, officials in Wisconsin, New York and Nevada are considering what to do with their own state laws prohibiting the use of test data to evaluate teachers.
That approach fell into disfavor, however, when a meta-analysis of 19 randomized controlled trials involving more than 135,000 participants found that vitamin E supplementation for at least 1 year at doses greater than 400IU/day was associated with increased all-cause mortality (Ann.
However, with the current turmoil in the mortgage markets, piggybacks and other exotic, high-risk loans have fallen into disfavor.