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WASHINGTON -- Social media conversation overwhelmingly disfavors the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) new airport screening measures, according to near real-time data collected by the Washington D.
Without similar studies of other supernovas, "we can't say categorically that it isn't out there, but this kind of observation disfavors it at a 95 to 98 percent confidence level," he notes.
CDC will issue a Federal Register Notice in fiscal year 2003 stating that both faith-based and secular organizations are eligible to apply for funding and applicants will be evaluated on neutral criteria that neither favors nor disfavors religion.
Instead of allocating grants on the basis of neutral, secular criteria that neither favor nor disfavor religion, the program creates a minimum quota for religious groups," wrote AU Litigation Counsel Alex J.
Robert Muise, the Law Center attorney handling the case, observed, "This case will decide whether public school officials can enforce a policy that shows preference for Judaism and Islam, but disfavors Christianity.
The book draws heavily from Reid's principles, so someone who disfavors that approach might not find this book to their liking.
What someone favors or disfavors is generally no business of mine, so long as that person acts toward me in an appropriate manner.
It seems to me that that a parent's child's suffering is worthy of the parent's greater disfavor than a distant child's suffering (even if, agent-neutrally, the sufferings are equally as bad).
Lead counsel Bradley Benbrook said about the lawsuit, "The First Amendment prevents the government from telling businesses it disfavors that they can't engage in truthful advertising.