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For a more detailed examination of "eternal war" and Mandeville's relationship to liberal modernity, see Rajan, "The Disfiguration of Enlightenment: War, Trauma, and the Historical Novel in Godwin's Mandeville" in Godwinian Moments, 172-93; Rajan, Romantic Narrative: Shelley, Hays, Godwin, Wollstonecraft (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010), 134-43 passim; Gary Handwerk, "History, Trauma, and the Limits of the Liberal Imagination: William Godwin's Historical Fiction" in Romanticism, History, and the Possibilities of Genre, 75-81.
If a soldier did emerge from battle, words might escape him when he recounts his tale, oral disfiguration or no; likewise, Philomela qua nightingale, though ready to sing of Tereus' offense, cannot articulate anything beyond "Jug Jug" (Eliot 56).
It is telling in this respect that at the end of his essay "Shelley Disfigured," de Man cryptically pronounces that reading, when it is and, therefore, in his opinion, must be understood as disfiguration to the extent that it resists historicism, "turns out to be historically more reliable than the products of historical archeology" (123).
As a figuring of disfiguration, however, Silence's "rugged cell" cannot, rather than can, "be said to reduce all of Shelley's previous work to nought" ("Shelley Disfigured" 66).
Unlike the Lacanian myth where language signifies the entry into symbolic castration (substitution, division, difference), and, as such, potentiates metaphor, the Lawrentian myth evokes a primal state before metaphor, where words articulate the "truth" of desire without distortion, disguise, or disfiguration (in essence, this is a linguistic version of the Lacanian "imaginary," a kind of ur-text issuing from a site of primordial fusion).
2) And although Mitzi Myers recognizes him as "something of an innovator in life-writing,"(3) Godwin's frank portrayal of his wife's relationships with Fuseli and Imlay has been blamed for the subsequent disfiguration of her name by anti-Jacobins such as Polwhele.
Kritzman concludes his analysis of feminine disfiguration with a study of Ronsard's 1552 Amours.
In all of these images, Tharp has invented subjects who appear unable to disguise their own disfiguration but who are periodically capable of glorying in it.
In "The Old Cumberland Beggar," that re-evaluation is presented as a pointedly ironic disfiguration of the speaker's advocacy of self abrogation.
Recent advances in diagnosis and treatment now help preserve function and minimize the trauma and feared disfiguration often associated with surgical treatment of serious voice disorders.
One feels trapped in the proverbial "prisonhouse of language" and wonders if the disfiguration of metaphor, translation, and eloquence does not serve simply to neutralize and naturalize the processes of imperialist power politics.
Figures disfigure, while disfiguration is infinitely susceptible to refiguration; this dynamic forms the basis for his non-progressive hermeneutic theory.