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Buchloh, "Raymond Pettibon: Return to Disorder and Disfiguration," in Raymond Pettabon: A Reader, ed.
In its disfiguration of the Romantic Idea the Gothic is thus part of what Green, following Hegel, calls the work of the negative, (37) whether as a transitional negation of Romanticism's tendency to settle into aesthetic ideology, or as an untransformed potentiality aware of its traumatic core.
The impacts of body disfiguration and ongoing pain is far reaching, effecting the patient's sexual identity, and self esteem.
Under Section 142, it states, permanent disablement means (a) permanent damage to either eye or ear or any part of the body or joints (2) permanent disfiguration of the head or face.
In the final two lines, Owen, because of the soldier's oral disfiguration and vocal disability, fashions a mask that can smile to fulfill the trope's definition.
I have called you food, to digest like a mutant disfiguration of my imagination, to hold and to keep, to eat yet not to preserve .
A disfiguration follows his behaviour to his mother rendering him as ugly in his appearance as he is in his heart which corresponds to function Transfiguration (T1).
Along with the aches and disfiguration, chronic venous disease also brings enormous expense.
Weinfeld's disfiguration of her image, which ironically comments on the gendered beauty ideal while simultaneously disrupting that voyuristic process in art, calls to mind similar uses of the use of the body, particularly SOS--Starification Object Series (1974), by Hannah Wilke.
The case was a national cause celebre, in part because both of them were university students and not from the lower classes as in many previous such acid disfiguration cases.
For very extensive vitiligo in which more than 50 percent of the skin surface is affected or if the condition results in facial disfiguration, some patients opt for depigmentation (a form of bleaching the skin) to blend the remaining pigmented skin with areas of vitiligo.
The severity of facial malformations is conditioned not only by external disfiguration, expressed by functional breaches, but also by the somatic frustrations bringing to braking of the growth and non-growth of child's organism as a whole (Abdusalyamov et al.