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As an element of the argument, I had put forth that what would happen if the Muslim voters are disfranchised.
Those who have already been enrolled as voters should be disfranchised.
He said the need for a new democratic alliance, involving small parties offering third alternative, to add and engage the disfranchised in the electoral process, was more important than even before.
That said, I suppose you could argue that a show like this gives a voice to the forgotten disfranchised in our society.
If the calculus of sectionalism takes account of the vast energy that these disfranchised advocates of abolition brought to the public sphere outside the formal structure of electoral politics, then the primacy of party over section begins to look less certain, even in 1848.
Child and Family court made an exemplary decision against violence in family and disfranchised rights of the husband who inflicted violence on his former wife, from seeing his children.
Had Ward engaged this expanded world, he would have had the opportunity to consider an additional facet of the evangelical ethos, namely the missionary emphasis upon bringing salvation to those frequently judged unfit for conversion, be they the disfranchised classes or the uncivilized natives in the colonies.
The tale of two cities in Dallas, as in the rest of urban America, leaves minorities and the poor economically and civicly disfranchised.
Yet, the emphasis on race resolves Creoleness into pure, self-contained antecedents and often reduces dialogues between racialized cultures to enduring wars of recognition, in which a White ruling class works to reinforce its position through ideological incorporation, whereas marginalized and disfranchised Black and Mulatto populations busily organize resistance.
Nearly 2 million, or 38%, of the disfranchised are African American, Nationwide, more than 5.
The problem is the Labour government with its broken promises and sleaze has given so much ammunition to the BNP and disfranchised the majority of the working class people.
As immigration then rose from Asia, Mexico, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East--and racial science began recognizing several "color races" like white, black, red, yellow, and brown--those deemed most different from whites, and most like "Negroes" in their perceived inability to become like whites, were often also segregated and disfranchised, whether through de facto or de jure methods.