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The small amount of preliminary work on the site has already disgorged much ancient flotsam which has drifted ashore, while the remainder will vanish under concrete forever.
If they are volcanic, then they are most likely to be flows of water, melted from Titan's thick water-ice crust and disgorged onto the surface.
THIS series disgorged two excellent PC titles and a duffer.
Helicopters disgorged black-masked troops who kicked in doors and blew open locks as they conducted a door-to-door search.
As the ship disgorged its passengers and cardboard-boxed cargo, the protests were taken over by the sinister black buses of the 20-odd Japanese far-right groups who had traveled from far and wide to pump crude anti-Korean rhetoric over the giant loudspeakers mounted on their vehicles.
Mount Fuji, Japan's most famous peak, disgorged white steam from several locations on one of its slopes today for the first time in decades, but the Meteorological Agency said the release did not signal a likely eruption.
The Prestige disgorged millions of gallons of oil when it broke up and sank in November, polluting Spanish and French coasts and shutting down fisheries.
Not content with the anti-American propaganda he had disgorged during the Vietnam War, Arnett narrated a 1998 CNN "investigation," entitled "The Valley of Death," that claimed U.
But the downright coolest bit came when the fixture disgorged a giant egg, which peeled away to reveal a sphere, inside which was a 25-foot-tall plastic bubble-within-a-plastic-bubble.
1978: The oil-tanker Amoco Cadiz ran aground on the coast of Brittany, broke in half and disgorged 220,000 tons of crude oil.
Knight, 30, was careful to hide his face when the Maze Prison disgorged the last of its terrorist prisoners a fortnight ago.
They've decided that the easiest way to chart the "success" of school reform is to follow the numbers disgorged by testing.