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A built-in USB connector disgorges your creations straight onto your computer ready for sharing on YouTube.
A good tip: Make your visit in the morning; the train disgorges its horde just after noon.
It courses through Black Canyon, which, thanks to a series of fault zones, disgorges heat from the fire below.
This artificial sky, 14m above the entrance, disgorges orchestrated emissions of water (several programmes are available, from 'rain beams' to 'sinus drops') and glows seductively at night.
As the Oval tube disgorges the ageing sons of middle England with their cold-boxes and Daily Telegraphs, self-respecting black youth stay locked behind headsets, bound for Brixton with garage ringing in their ears.
Concealed in this lookalike club is a 33" drinks dispenser which disgorges a healthy chilled slug of your favourite tee-time tipple.
Each day, nearby Hale Middle School disgorges dozens of latchkey children whose parents pick them up from the library after work.