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The fans who have shown loyalty, and stuck with the club after relegation from the Premiership by renewing their season tickets straight away, have been treated absolutely disgracefully.
AT A time when racing's finances are coming under more and more pressure, having the busiest racing day of the week marred by disgracefully clashing race times is unforgivable.
Disgracefully, the Kennedy Center failed to provide program notes for any of the ballets, finding more value in endless lists of contributors to their building upkeep.
Some of us in the American news media have hounded President Bush for his passivity in the face of genocide in Darfur, but we've behaved as disgracefully as he has.
This expertise is evident when she compares the emerging Gaines with the finished product, showing his evolution as a storyteller from his first novel, Catherine Carmier (1964) to the last, A Lesson Before Dying (1993), which, along with The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, has been disgracefully banned from some school libraries.
THE BRAINS BEHIND ``Pride and Prejudice,'' yet another adaptation of Jane Austen's beloved novel, get things so disgracefully wrong that not only is the ghost of Miss Austen jolted out of her repose right now, but also the makers of this film should be worried she'll show up on their doorsteps wielding a chain saw.
Now Clark's Saints are built on the Wallace Principle and his own commitment has seen him rejuvenated after he was disgracefully sacked at Hearts to make way for the ill-fated reign of Tommy McLean.
Jesus' impossible prayer of blessing, of hope for all God's children born of something impossible, is incarnation -- a God that prefers human flesh to bright divinity and will die with us so that we can learn the impossible love of God found in uncrucifying and taking down all those hung disgracefully and standing together to face resurrection.
My concern is partly demographic: This country consumes a disgracefully high percentage of the world's resources, producing a commensurate amount of waste, so each additional American tends to weigh many times more heavily on the ecosystem than does a newborn African or Asian.
I decided when I was 50 that I was going to grow old disgracefully and I am keeping to it" - Angela Rippon (pictured), 68, the BBC's first female news anchor.
This smug, arrogant, selfopinionated bore bleats about "personal vilification", conveniently forgetting that it was under his editorship of the paper that the offensive, and disgracefully inaccurate headline, "Hillsborough, The Truth", appeared.
Labour is behaving disgracefully, turning material that was generated as public information into political propaganda.