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But the last group, mostly comprising disgruntled PTI members, which was formed to vote for Zaman changed loyalties by voting for the PPP which secured two seats despite having just seven members in K-P assembly.
When asked why the disgruntled members voted for Zaman, the source revealed it was because Khattak was not in favour of the candidate.
The disgruntled MPs had demanded his party chief to ensure them publically that he would not enter in an 'electoral alliance' with the Pakistan Sarzameen Party (PSP).
The statement read in parts: The sponsors of bad press against the government are disgruntled Bayelsa politicians with shady past.
These disgruntled leaders shamelessly refused to own moral responsibility for the election debacle and resign on their own, said in a statement issued here by the NPCC.
They urged disgruntled Balochs to support government quitting the armed resistance in the name of so-called liberty in the best interest of the country, their province and people.
He said that he would lead the disgruntled and neglected workers and leaders of the party and would unite them in every district of Punjab.
Talks could be held among the major parties and the disgruntled parties.
The manhunt for Dorner was set off after the disgruntled former officer was suspected of shooting and killing three people over three days last week.
ARC will be hosting one of the 19 Devoted and Disgruntled roadshow events which are taking place around the country from Edinburgh to Plymouth as part of the London 2012 Festival.
YOUR correspondent Mr A Disgruntled of Whickham is probably right that the reduction in grass cutting is initially about a shortfall in budgets.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- MTN, Africa's largest mobile telecommunications company, once again dismissed as "nonsense" corruption allegations by Turkcell, saying, disgruntled employee gave the rival bidder false information about dubious dealings in Iran.