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Apart from his disgruntlement with his side's performance, Shehata believes Egypt's warm-up matches will pay dividends ahead of the remaining World Cup qualifiers.
I went on my way with a feeling of disgruntlement that lingered into the afternoon.
Hore spoke out for the first time about the controversial issue amid mounting disgruntlement at the Welsh regions fielding weakened teams at the start of their Celtic League campaign.
The immensely popular weekend horse races were cancelled, causing disgruntlement among punters who arrived at the Sha-Tin race track before the announcement.
Quinn did deny that recent crowd disgruntlement about former manager Steve Bruce led to his sacking and stated that it was simply time for a change.
The Asian community, who are just as disadvantaged as the black community, has clearly been used as a scapegoat in recent events, with the alleged rape being a front for disgruntlement over wider issues.
Hill's dig follows disgruntlement from a section of United fans who reckon the club should cash in and sell Giggs to Inter Milan.
Yet despite the dressing-room of disgruntlement Gregory took over, he did not have to read the riot act when he arrived.
Noword on whether his ex-bosses also disapproved of him sulking whenever England played badly or his son Shaun Wright-Phillips was left out of the team (plenty of scope for moody disgruntlement on both fronts).
Add to that the fans disgruntlement regarding the spiteful ticket prices, passionless performances from obscenely paid prima donnas, ambition only to finish fourth bottom and players unable to venture within two yards of each other without referees penalising them for foul play, then the prospect of watching football here looks bleak.
Prior to substitute Driver's 73rd-minute strike, Hearts looked out of sorts and the fans' disgruntlement from the stands was clear.
There is a danger that dismay and disgruntlement over the proposals will overshadow the significant improvements this Government has made to teachers' working conditions.