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The pen was classified as a disguised weapon and he is liable to the minimum five-year term.
The ISIL terrorists have completely lost their morale and they have disguised in order not to be identified by the Iraqi security forces," the Arabic-language Sumeria News website quoted Jabar al-Mamouri as saying.
There are many types of disguised remuneration schemes.
In fact, disguised unemployment is the result of incorrect planning of resources distribution.
Judge John Milford QC told Phillips: "It is a disguised firearm and the minimum sentence is five years.
The trope of disguised ruler mixing with common folk goes back to antiquity, says actor-turned-scholar Quarmby (Halle Institute for Global Learning, Atlanta and Shakespeare's Globe, London), and he shows how Shakespeare and his contemporaries used it.
The information assistant at the ministry, Mohammed Al-Mawrei, confirmed that there was no truth to the rumor that a man had been captured disguised in female clothes.
When such contributions and distributions occur within two years of each other, they generally are presumed to be a disguised sale.
But at the eleventh hour she changed her pleas and pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited firearm and possessing a disguised firearm on March 3.
All new cars are heavily disguised to allow testing to done on public roads before going into production.
2 : to keep from revealing <She disguised her true feelings.
Disguised in black ski masks and gloves, they utter few words during the robberies, leaving few clues about their voices or other distinguishing features.