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And because he is a master of disguise, he uses his expertise to camouage himself so he can feast upon an unsuspecting victim.
Disguise features in many early modern plays, more so in fact than in any body of drama before or since.
SPFX Masks owner Rusty Slusser said he was proud of the disguises but not proud of the way they are being used by thieves.
Jaguar reverted to 1960s psychedelia to disguise the look of this very 21st century car.
1 : a cover for the face or part of the face used for disguise or protection <a Halloween mask> <a catcher's mask>
They were to consider background and how that would enhance the depiction of camouflage, signaling or disguise.
In the 1993 movie, Robin Williams disguises himself as a Scottish nanny to get hired by his ex-wife and be closer to his family.
We did not know their disguises, and so we wrongly assume they were never well hidden.
UGLY mobile phone masts are being hidden across Britain - behind bizarre and amusing disguises.
Two AutoPolaroid suites that involve rudimentary costuming read like a preemptive parody of Cindy Sherman, but Samaras's burgeoning self-reimaginings rarely involve conventional disguises.
In money laundering the fraudster disguises the existence, nature, source, ownership, location and disposition of property derived from criminal activity.