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101) "clusters of innovations" and an evolution of the system that is "lopsided, discontinuous, disharmonious by nature.
Disharmonious surfaces such as dispersed buildings, walls, and trees intensify wind speed.
By displaying or even exaggerating the disharmonious picture of our present society in the first place, TV mediation can effectively solve the problems and reach a harmonious result at the end.
For L'Engle, the traditional celebration of material success and autonomy is disharmonious with an interconnected universe where success is based on the desire to keep in rhythm with the cosmic melody of love.
For example, looking back on a situation in which one learner's habit of borrowing papers from others created a disharmonious atmosphere in class, a participant contrasted her previous grammar-based action with her new insights:
There were no memorable melodies or arias, odd segments and scenes with melodic pretensions were cut short by disharmonious noise that seemed totally incongruous to the normal human hearing and had a depressive effect on the listener.
The HC regulation was devised mainly to do away with the disharmonious regulatory landscape in Europe with regard to claims.
The ethnic identity of the Skraelings was also a matter of uncertainty, about which the sources are disharmonious.
The prosecution case is altogether very unsatisfactory, inherently disharmonious, and filled with too many confusions and inaccuracies; and this, to my opinion, is fatal to the prosecution's case.
This makes him speak of a disharmonious disclosure of the economic aspect under the guidance of the "faith of the Enlightenment.
Supreme Court, and the state's constitutional history is far more disharmonious than its practice of open government would suggest.
Therefore, in Lithuania and Latvia economies are disharmonious markets, in which business productivity cannot be ensured (Global competitiveness report 2011-2012; Grigaite 2012).