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The prisoners were rather disheartened by this time, for they saw no way to escape and did not know how soon it would be six o'clock and time for the meatchopper to begin work.
To-day you are poor, obscure, and disheartened, and to-morrow the world may be ringing with your name.
Many of the comrades were disheartened, and they retaliated with terroristic tactics.
They were greatly disheartened by the failure of their girl Ruler, and the knowledge that she was now an ornament in the Nome King's palace--a dreadful, creepy place in spite of all its magnificence.
I am too rudely shaken in my most cherished convictions, I am too depressed and disheartened, to write more.
But on he went, without being disheartened, deeper and deeper into the wood, where the most wonderful flowers were growing.
I must say, though, when we walked down to the Ghost to inspect more closely the task before us, that the sight of the great masts lying in the water almost disheartened me.
Nell was rather disheartened, when they stopped at a kind of wharf late in the afternoon, to learn from one of the men that they would not reach their place of destination until next day, and that, if she had no provision with her, she had better buy it there.
KENNY Jackett insisted he was not disheartened after yet another win failed to reduce the gap to the play-oplaces.
DISHEARTENED Paul McShane admits he could seek a move from Hull City in the January transfer window.
Summary: Tunis, Tunisia - With Tunisia's legislative and presidential elections approaching on October 26 and November 23, respectively, many of the country's youth, the driving force behind of the country's 2011 revolution, remain disheartened by national politics.
People are really disheartened by the state of the bus station.