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Neelam, who has previously opened up about the racism she was subjected to as a child, also spoke about her Asian heritage, and how she felt disheartened at the lack of Indian models in the spotlight.
These people like to sing and enjoy themselves but can become quite disheartened when they are rejected by choirs.
Disheartened workers walking out of Swan Hunter's for the last time were a picture of sadness and anger yesterday.
In reading the Anglican Journal and in conversation with other Anglicans recently, I have become increasingly disheartened by the language that is being thrown around in news reports, in letters to the editor, and in the words chosen by our ecclesiastical representatives.
In the meantime it may be a help to remove as many copies as possible in order to spare others from being offended and disheartened.
I speak on behalf of my entire chapter when I state that I am extremely disheartened and exasperated by your portrayal of this irresponsible hook.
Republicans and insurers alike said that they were disheartened by the vote.
At times, of course, we seek peace, or answers, and come away disheartened.
I'm not surprised, but I'm always disheartened," says McCabe.
Even more disheartened are the donors who threw money at candidates who don't have a chance.
ON PATRIOTISM I am very disheartened by those who find my patriotism suspect because I question my country's policy in Iraq.
In chapter 10, Vilna Bashi Bobb paints a sobering picture of West Indians who grow increasingly disheartened about the extent of racism in the U.