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It was a disheartening circumstance, but a melancholy fact, that even these readers persisted in wondering.
Oh, no, Pyotr Petrovitch, it was all terribly disheartening," Pulcheria Alexandrovna hastened to declare with peculiar intonation, "and if Dmitri Prokofitch had not been sent us, I really believe by God Himself, we should have been utterly lost.
Jackett said: "It's not disheartening, it's heartening to get results and heartening when the players and the team improves and to some degree that's always the aim.
I can't stick around to be playing games, and playing well, and then be totally left out of a squad, because it is disheartening.
Disheartening in that the Vatican approved Bruskewitz's excommunication action.
It's disheartening to see some children and women encouraging protests.
It is always sad and very disheartening when two beautiful people so in love for many reasons realise that although they care for each other, they are not destined to be life partners," she added.
It is very disheartening not even to be on the bench at United.
But one of the most disheartening reactions came from baseball commissioner Bud Selig: "If there are problems, I wanted them revealed.
Every year, judges have the disheartening obligation to disqualify dozens of entries because they break the rules by arriving late, exceeding the permitted size or lacking a CD-ROM work plan.
This is just wanton vandalism and it is very disheartening.
It has been disheartening to watch the reputation of a city I love so much become "the city of hate" because of the media savvy of several ultraconservative Christian organizations that have pushed their agendas and power so strongly that they now define a beautiful community originally founded as a health spa and artists' colony.