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But, it is disheartening to see what they are doing.
Also disheartening is the tendency of commentators to blame "the system" for the abuse.
The ban was "absolutely disheartening," parishioner Maureen Doherty told the Iqaluit-based newspaper.
While the compromises that sometimes pushed the AFL in less progressive directions were often disheartening, without Big Labor's activism, I wonder just how much worse things could have been.
Whatever your take on dope, or mental illness, or mental illness brought on by dope, Monday's Panorama was a startling and disheartening investigation.
Even more disheartening, it was predicted that without a better textbook management system, losses would top $250,000 per year after 2004.
But as important to Rand's hold on the public imagination is the great gulf between her fictional heroes and the often tawdry, disheartening details of her own biography, especially the cult-like obedience she demanded of her inner circle.
It's not clear which is more disheartening, the rationalizations that Mintrop sympathetically catalogues or his failure to recognize that any accountability system generates resistance from workers--and that this resistance is overcome by making sanctions concrete and relentless, not by discovering a way to render them unobjectionable.
And it is disheartening to see that work destroyed by the mindless actions of a few individuals.
The stories are often painful, messy, and disheartening.
A Time to Choose" (by Amy Sullivan, December) provides an interesting, if disheartening, look into how the vested interests of various one-issue groups can derail reasonable attempts by reasonable people to craft workable compromises in difficult policy matters.
It must be pretty disheartening for seven of the nine previously announced candidates for the Democratic nomination to suddenly find themselves trailing a latecomer Arkansan--retired Gen.