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In the book's final section, we discover--after a series of turns that seem at once inventive and inevitable--that the conventional wisdom about the consequences of answered prayers is dishearteningly valid in any language .
Most dishearteningly, the information provided shows glaring downward shifts in progress, illustrated particularly by the use of reverse statistics.
To identify cultural forms as endangered does such traditionalizing work even more intensely, as framing culture as endangered signals not only its ongoing or timeless importance but also describes it as being, dishearteningly for the narrator at least, on the verge of disappearance from the lived world of everyday existence.
Dishearteningly, the Scot then produced a woeful service game to allow Ljubicic to break straight back for 3-3.
Twentieth century Australian law is dishearteningly weak in its formal recognition of public interests.
Most Americans dread a call to jury duty and a dishearteningly small percentage register to vote and actually vote in most elections.
But the most influential figure in this debate, the one best positioned to determine its outcome, so far has maintained a dishearteningly low profile.
Enthralled readers will follow Kyrael through a truly gripping tale as he encounters the evil force of Grigori in Hell's Second Circle as the realization of God's creation dishearteningly reflects Kyrael's mind--if only God can create an Angel, then what might it take to destroy one?
Mr Gibson heard it and saw it with his own eyes and ears and, dishearteningly, McClaren is still employed by this football club.
coli, or Acinetobacter strains produced carbapenemases, but dishearteningly, 27% of our nonurine Pseudomonas infections are already imipenem resistant.
Rather dishearteningly, he didn't get it Is it a straight gender difference?
There's such a paucity of new comedies, and most of them are so dishearteningly unfunny that only one emerges as worthy of attention: