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Write that you decline to support this scheme of hers, as you hold it to be a dishonest scheme.
He does not call it a dishonest action but 'the impulse of a noble despair'; 'a negation'; or the devil knows what
thou desperate Object," cried the Dishonest Gain; "these beautiful private grounds are no place for such work as thine.
And is any mode of acquisition, even if unjust and dishonest, equally to be deemed virtue?
In the second place and as a natural corollary Carlyle vigorously denounces, throughout, all shams and hypocrisies, the results of inert or dishonest adherence to outgrown ideas or customs.
Most think that they are above being supported by the town; but it oftener happens that they are not above supporting themselves by dishonest means, which should be more disreputable.
And this is the reason why in youth good men often appear to be simple, and are easily practised upon by the dishonest, because they have no examples of what evil is in their own souls.
Is it nothing to trifle with your friend's feelings and mine - to endeavour to steal a woman's affections from her husband - what he values more than his gold, and therefore what it is more dishonest to take?
answered Jones; "I hope you don't imagine that I should be dishonest enough, even if it belonged to any other person, besides Miss Western "
The passenger lifts, the provision lifts, the arrangement for coals (a great temptation for a dishonest porter), were all familiar matters to her, and perhaps a relief from the politico-economical-aesthetic atmosphere that reigned at the Schlegels'.
That would be dishonest, that would be false, that would be deceiving myself and others.
Besides, I think,' said I, 'since your wife is so dishonest to you, you are too honest to her to own her for your wife; but that,' said I, 'is what I have nothing to do with.