dishonest management

See: misconduct
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COSO in its draft report stated that the chief executive officer is ultimately responsible for the overall internal control structure but recognized that management can override controls, enabling a dishonest management to intentionally misrepresent results to cover its track.
This use of judgment could provide opportunistic or dishonest management a chance to manipulate earnings.
Second, opportunistic and dishonest management can take advantage of the judgments and estimates used in the process to manipulate and massage the numbers to result in desired earnings numbers.
He added that auditors' reports on internal controls would not address the basic causes of fraudulent financial reporting: "relentless, dishonest management and the application of subjective accounting principles.
Generally accepted auditing standards were not designed to uncover the machinations of a dishonest management.
Expanded powers were mixed with inexperienced or dishonest management, brokered deposits that fed unchecked growth, lax accounting standards, and seriously inadequate supervision, all within the context of adverse economic conditions.
Knowing misrepresentation by reckless or dishonest management may simply be far from cut and dried and may pose major questions as to what the auditor should have tested and reasonably detected.
Their report fails to mention the fact that Home Office figures and independent surveys confirm that almost 70 per cent of all stock loss within the retail industry is perpetrated by dishonest management and staff who scarcely face prosecution.
He claimed, 'I know I was cheated out of my career by demonstrably dishonest management.
Yet is it not responsible for a member of the board of a public company to have some understanding of what actually happens in an audit, and, importantly, of the inherent limitations of the audit process (which necessarily contains loopholes that dishonest management can exploit)?