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That the disillusionment is great and I think it is.
Not surprisingly, many companies abandon the product or concept when the disillusionment starts to weigh heavy on resources and results.
There are many books and manuscripts outlining methods to combat our disillusionment and feeling of betrayal and anger at our present predicament.
Randall's life was one of pain and suffering, hope and accomplishment, and very often disillusionment.
Despite feelings of disillusionment, many acknowledged their years of intense practice and musical growth were among the happiest and most worthwhile of their lives.
It's a ghostly vision with a particularly dreamlike, fictional quality, and at the same time it conveys a melancholic sense of freedom born of utter disillusionment.
Despite the deepening morass in Mesopotamia and growing disillusionment with the war on the part of both Congress and the public, Mr.
Regarding Moriegh Wolf's disillusionment with the Peace Corps ["No Queers Need Volunteer," February 15], I think she misunderstands an important feature.
From Ike To Mao and Beyond is the memoir of a long distance runner whose disillusionment with imperialism, racism, and capitalism led him from his mainstream American background to embrace the ideals of revolutionary communism.
Plus, it didn't hurt that they were well-placed to profit from the dissatisfaction and disillusionment of American car buyers at exactly the right moment in history.
She is dark and melancholy as a comet; her beauty is like the sensation of fire, winding and slanted as in the anamorphoses of the Mannerists, with a lugubrious aura of decay, a smirk of eternal disillusionment.
Career disillusionment was compounded by a crisis of faith for the former high school seminarian, who had drifted away from his native Catholicism during his Hollywood years, until a Franciscan friar friend invited him to visit the Franciscans in Rome.