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hope this a disincentive private bid Strike action by RMT members in June forced First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to intervene with an assurance that crew pension conditions would be respected.
Removing the current federal tax disincentive is essential to encouraging additional investment in alternative fuels.
41% percent are using or planning to use outcomes-based incentives, while 37% offer both incentives and disincentives
Sherk quotes academic studies by Alan Krueger, the current Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, and Lawrence Summers, current director of the White House's National Economic Council - both to the effect that unemployment insurance is a disincentive to seek work.
As motivation is driven by incentives, the provision of incentives and the minimization of disincentives are crucial to planning faculty development activities for the newcomer to distance education.
Accordingly, setters of accounting standards need to consider improvements to the accounting treatment that do not result in a disincentive to those who prudently use credit derivatives for risk-management purposes.
Unlike Britain and the USA, no European country ever adopted circumcision of young males as a disincentive to masturbation.
Lieberman and Haar also examine K-12 education costs that are absorbed by other agencies of government (including higher education) as well as the costs of revenue collection and the disincentive effects associated with levying taxes to pay for the schools (what economists term "deadweight loss").
The employer's share is a disincentive to hiring new workers.
Treating some savings options (529 plans) as assets, and others (tuition prepayment plans) as direct resources against cost of attendance, is not appropriate and may work as a disincentive to families' saving for college.
Under the original rule, separate emission controls would have been required for the existing furnace and new in-line flux box, creating a disincentive for better chlorine utilization.
insists that patients be offered continued treatment after the trial -- a disincentive for the manufacturers or anyone else to provide drugs.