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There is cap of Rs 10 lakh on financial disincentive," Gupta said.
They also note that it is unclear whether the elderly correctly perceive these disincentives, or indeed whether "policymakers, themselves, are cognizant of the level and spread of the work disincentives they are imposing on the elderly.
Regulator Trai has been asked to formulate a system of incentives and disincentives for service quality
These regulations prescribe financial disincentive on Broadband Service providers for noncompliance with the benchmark at a rate not exceeding Rs.
As motivation is driven by incentives, the provision of incentives and the minimization of disincentives are crucial to planning faculty development activities for the newcomer to distance education.
Readers must wait for the last essay, "Why I Burned my Book", to find the intriguing answer to the book's title--a dramatic account of activism in the face of policy disincentives to scholarly effort that keeps attention and interest throughout.
Treating some savings options (529 plans) as assets, and others (tuition prepayment plans) as direct resources against cost of attendance, is not appropriate and may work as a disincentive to families' saving for college.
In short, they should try to "do good," despite all the disincentives.
Those five areas are incentives and disincentives, standards and measures, training, communication, and consistently appropriate top management behavior.
Empirical and anecdotal evidence suggests that certain federal policies provide significant disincentives to people with severe disabilities who want to work (Berkowitz, 1987; Martin, Conley & Noble, 1995; National Council on Disability, 1997; Watson, 1993).
According to counselor #2, the success of these strategies is affected by local conditions such as the state of the Local Economy (a rural area with little industry), Disincentives to employment faced by people with severe disabilities, and a Changing Agency Climate caused by fewer funds and an emphasis on serving more difficult cases.
Failure to address any of these concerns will create strong economic disincentives for potential purchasers and developers.