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Grant laughingly congratulated Miss Crawford on feeling no disinclination to the state herself.
She persisted in a very determined, though very silent disinclination for Bath; caught the first dim view of the extensive buildings, smoking in rain, without any wish of seeing them better; felt their progress through the streets to be, however disagreeable, yet too rapid; for who would be glad to see her when she arrived?
If it was only for her father's sake, she must not refuse him or show any disinclination which he might construe into incivility.
And yet she did not like this secrecy, this disinclination upon the part of one so frank and honest as Ida to tell her what was passing.
Twice again, imperatively, he called Jerry to him, and twice again, with flattened ears of gentleness and wagging tail, Jerry good-naturedly expressed his disinclination.
And in spite of the complete, as he supposed, contempt and indifference he now felt for his wife, at the bottom of his heart, Alexey Alexandrovitch still had one feeling left in regard to her--a disinclination to see her free to throw in her lot with Vronsky, so that her crime would be to her advantage.
Since the disinclinations ought to prevent certain actions, we notice the conflict between the beliefs hypocrites affirm and the actions they perform.
Such defects include dislocations in ordered crystals, disinclinations in liquid crystals, shock waves in continuum mechanics, and domain walls in solid-state science.
Possible motivations for these disinclinations are taken up below.
I do not intend in the present paper to aim so high, but I do suspect that this discussion, which considers a variety of examples of disinclinations to cooperate, constitutes a useful step in developing a complete theory of boundaries.