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lStaff, ramps and horses to be disinfected before loading and when arriving at
Use only bottled water or water that has been disinfected by filtration, boiling, chlorination, or iodination for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, and brushes teeth.
Unotron designs, manufactures and markets high quality, washable data input and security devices that are easily cleaned and disinfected to mitigate the spread of infection in healthcare, education, commercial and government environments.
The plan calls for the recycled water system to tie into a proposed waterline for treated, disinfected water to be built along Avenue E from Sanitation District 14's sewage treatment plant.
says, "Unotron's SpillSeal[R] technology can be disinfected and cleaned under running water without damaging the keyboard or mice, finally allowing offices to wash computer technology without ruining the functionality.
The first round of tests - conducted before water pipes were flushed and disinfected - proved negative for bacterial contamination.
DALLAS -- Responding to current requirements for affordably priced, soft touch computer keyboards that can be disinfected, along with demand for wireless convenience, Unotron, Inc.
confirms that its SpillSeal(R) patented technology allows its keyboards, mice and smart card readers to be repeatedly washed and disinfected.
As American businesses heed warnings that as much as 40 percent of their workforces will be out if a flu pandemic strikes, corporate chieftains nationwide are authorizing the purchase of SpillSeal(R) washable computer keyboards, mice and smart card readers that can be disinfected to mitigate the spread of infection.
Unotron has transformed the industry with the introduction of affordable data input and security technologies that can be completely disinfected because of its patented SpillSeal(R) protection which halts the spread of infection - a major concern for hospitals, schools, government, business offices, as well individual consumers," says Unotron Director Joseph H.