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Compliance with the Xenex disinfection protocol was monitored using the robot's onboard data log, which communicates with a cloud-based portal where usage data is stored.
Disinfection Cabinet Technical Data and Manufacturing Plants Analysis
Global market for UV disinfection equipment is gaining prominence due to its increasing applications in water disinfection
PTG is a rapidly growing, venture capital-backed company that is revolutionising the disinfection of wastewater.
In cloudy weather, longer exposure times of up to 48 hours may be necessary to achieve adequate disinfection.
UV disinfection has many advantages over alternative methods.
Although ultraviolet light and ozone can be used very effectively to disinfect water, these alone are not typically accepted methods of distribution system disinfection since once the water has passed the treatment units, there is no remaining disinfecting agent in the water.
The book also features summary tables that can be used to quickly initiate a design study once the disinfection process is grasped.
Alcohol is an effective alternative when water or towels are not readily available, or when there is a need for rapid hand disinfection.
As part of the facility upgrade, the City's plans included the removal of an existing disinfection system that used chlorine as the prime disinfection mean and replacing it with an environmentally friendly ultraviolet disinfection system.
Disinfection to eliminate chemical and microbiological contaminants has become common practice as a result.
At a time when water disinfection with chlorine is under attack because of potential health and ecological concerns, an environmentally friendlier way of cleansing drinking water may be on the horizon.