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For example, in contrast to the more than two-thirds (68 percent) of respondents who believe cleaning and disinfecting are two separate processes, less than one third (30 percent) indicated that they actually use two separate products - one to clean and one to disinfect.
The Curos disinfecting port protector cap may be used in the home or healthcare facility and is intended for use on swab-able luer-activated IV valves to both disinfect and protect vulnerable points of entry to the patient's bloodstream.
The contract, valued at approximately C$100,000, is for two Trojan UVSwift(TM) municipal drinking water disinfection systems to disinfect 2.
The Province of Quebec, Canada, is a leader in the efforts announcing June 4, 2001 that it will require all municipalities who draw their drinking water from a surface water source to filter and disinfect drinking water supplies prior to distribution.
The patented hydrogen peroxide technology disinfects germ prone areas and is ideal for use in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, athletic facilities, health clubs and other highly-frequented areas in facilities.
We partnered with Lysol to create a truly innovative product that disinfects, but still has the convenience of a quick clean sweeper.
With the push of a button the Tornado empties, cleans, and disinfects bedpans and other containers safely and thoroughly.
For that, Quick and his colleagues turned to sodium hypochlorite, the highly reactive bleach that disinfects swimming pools and municipal water supplies in developed nations.