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88 Minutes is nonsense from start to finish, coasting along on a series of ludicrous leaps of logic that screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson disingenuously passes off as twists.
l Jason the smiler, coming across like one of those annoying American fast-food diner waitresses who say, totally disingenuously, "Have a nice day
Crist's veto of the improvident $300,000 that had been targeted for the ill-begotten and disingenuously named "Florida Bar Preparation Project.
It's a geographic area that we haven't found an answer to," Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger said somewhat disingenuously.
Many disingenuously go on about how Native Canadians worshiped the land and worshiped all of its elements.
Metaphysical physicalism claimed to oppose metaphysics yet disingenuously promoted its own metaphysics to the public as science," Dr.
Rather than cleaving to the originalist position of biblical literalism, today's creationists have embarked on a misguided romance with true pseudoscience; they even claim, disingenuously, that their explanation of life's beginnings need not rely on an anthropomorphic God as the first mover but could lead dispassionate investigators to discover that we are the handiwork of space aliens.
Many of our politicians believe laissez-faire doesn't work, even though they disingenuously and repeatedly cite the imperative of free trade.
Hodge disingenuously and inaccurately refers to Evangelical Christians, he is really referencing a radical, reactionary political movement that is incompatible with the basic values of social work.
Sugar blitzed the media, downplaying the phosphorous problem, claiming disingenuously that rainwater had far more phosphorous than the goal set for Everglades runoff.
Often they disingenuously invoke the value of tolerance" as justifying their destructive behaviour.
Glazer wrote, nor a little disingenuously, "(W)hile I do not find myself consciously making the connection between the graffiti-makers and the criminals who occasionally rob, rape, assault, and murder passengers, the sense that all are a part of one world of uncontrollable predators seems inescapable.