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and his colleagues propose that debris from some of the craters disintegrates as ices evaporate and then develops an electric charge.
A recently commercialized extruded foam packing material, for instance, reportedly disintegrates in under 2 min into a harmless, solution that can be washed down the drain.
Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, CIMA Labs Inc, Cephalon develops and manufactures orally-disintegrating tablets (ODTs) using proprietary technologies that allow an active drug ingredient to be formulated into a new dosage form that quickly disintegrates in the mouth without chewing or the need for water.
There are three treatments: a prescription bleaching cream, a liquid nitrogen spray that makes them removable in a few weeks, and a new laser treatment that disintegrates the coloring.
Using a pile of sand, an aluminum plate and an explosive charge to simulate conditions when rocky space debris disintegrates intVenus' dense atmosphere, two Russian scientists may have explained the formation of the splotchy halos that surround many craters on the planet.
Zolpidem ODT is a medically useful formulation that disintegrates in the mouth in seconds, and may be taken with or without water.