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It certainly appears to be possible to formulate public shaming sanctions that foster a more reintegrative approach rather than a disintegrative one.
The disintegrative, interpersonal logic of the stanza is clearly evident again at the semantic level with the preposition "on.
The suggestion is that there is a further aspect, another, desperately disintegrative, scenario that needs acknowledging, and that cannot easily be wished away.
motion a disintegrative force that could not be stopped.
As the vast British Empire reached its peak during the nineteenth century, it also started witnessing nationalistic aspirations of its colonies, and thereby showing signs of unraveling disintegrative tensions and anxieties over its controversial, at times oppressive, hold over the East, regardless of whatever integrative and assimilative measures it attempted to take, until it had to relent at last, again repeating the cycles of history alluded to in Kubla Khan and also both by Rudich and McGann.
65) I then argue that contraceptive acts, because they are alternatives to the acts that virtuously integrate sexuality into the higher order of conjugal chastity, leave the sexual inclination and fertility under the logic of gratification (seeking the bonum propriurn of the sexual inclination); they are thus disintegrative at the personal and communal levels.
That means, the group will fail in its task which infact intensify the disintegrative tendencies in the group and diminish the satisfaction of individual needs.
In this book Heper shows how the very concept of state in the Ottoman/Turkish context is a ghazi (warrior) state based on conquest, where the fear of disintegrative influences is a leitmotif, where the ruler based has position on a mixture of power and legitimacy, and where Islam never was an autonomous force.
159) Being subjected to a shaming experience can lead to reintegrative gestures but also to disintegrative reactions.
The socially disintegrative affects of contemporary policing could not be better calculated to make the job of policing more difficult.
Childhood Marked regression in multiple areas of disintegrative functioning following a period of at least two disorder development.
According the DSM-IV-TR there are five subtypes of PDD: autistic disorder, Asperger's syndrome (AS), childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), Rett's syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS).

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