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The no-mechanical-treatment tillage presented linear coefficients that were 46 and 28 percent greater than the disintegrator and rotary shredder, respectively (Table 1).
Pharmaceutical As binder or as disintegrator in tablets.
The Hosokawa Rietz Angle Disintegrator generates coarse to fine textured purees from thy or soaked ingredients.
High-energy disintegrator type impact wear tester is modified and intensively used to test real components (rock drilling bit inserts, for example).
Degaussers, shredders and disintegrators all come in different sizes and capacities.
An important part of the equipment was a tool of disintegrator (4), whose cutting wedge entered the sample of plastic material (3).
Mechanical E-PG activation and neutralization of admixtures was preformed in an impact centrifugal disintegrator DIA--01 with the activating discs rotating a 3000 rpm at opposite directions.
Attributes/comments: CDC's disintegrator is a powerful premixing machine.
Kusters Engineering America of Venlo, The Netherlands, has designed the Intelligent Disintegrator 100-series, for small, decentralized governmental and commercial requirements.
Theoretical studies on milling by the collision method, which were conducted at Tallinn University of Technology, were followed by the development of devices, called disintegrators, and types of disintegrator milling (DS-series) systems [9].
The new facility also includes a high-tech digital imaging lab for record scanning and a specialized media disintegrator to securely destroy federal e-records, according to a PR Newswire release.
Having created the means to reach the enemy, Edison also invents the instrument of its destruction, a powerful disintegrator.

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