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The models with the best adjustments for the agricultural year 2007/8 were linear for the management with the disintegrator and rotary shredder and quadratic for the crimper-roller and no-mechanical-treatment tillage (Table 1).
The Hosokawa Rietz Angle Disintegrator offers flexibility in production environments with simple, easily removable screens for different textures of puree.
Brands under the American Scientific Resources umbrella include Kidz-Med, Disintegrator Plus and VeraTemp.
An important part of the equipment was a tool of disintegrator (4), whose cutting wedge entered the sample of plastic material (3).
Mechanical E-PG activation and neutralization of admixtures was preformed in an impact centrifugal disintegrator DIA--01 with the activating discs rotating a 3000 rpm at opposite directions.
Kusters Engineering America of Venlo, The Netherlands, has designed the Intelligent Disintegrator 100-series, for small, decentralized governmental and commercial requirements.
Theoretical studies on milling by the collision method, which were conducted at Tallinn University of Technology, were followed by the development of devices, called disintegrators, and types of disintegrator milling (DS-series) systems [9].
The new facility also includes a high-tech digital imaging lab for record scanning and a specialized media disintegrator to securely destroy federal e-records, according to a PR Newswire release.
Crude propolis was frozen at -20[degrees]C and ground in a chilled disintegrator.
The cleaned apples move on to the disintegrator, where they are chewed, chopped, and chunked much like food dropped into a blender.
Steve chose his Buck Rogers Disintegrator Pistol from 1938 - the second-oldest space gun ever made - and his Hubley Atomic Disintegrator from 1948.
Among them are the standard issue ``zap-o-matic,'' a fiery disintegrator rifle - and yes, the launchable anal probe.

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