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It read: "All of the abovenamed family members support this petition" and added "the proposed disinterment and re-interment of the deceased being in accordance with the deceased's family's wishes, and having been deemed feasible by the relevant local authority, Warrant to disinter and re-inter should be granted as first craved.
It is a shame she doesn't voice the same concern over the issue of the outrageous plan by France to disinter thousands of British and Allied war dead from their final resting places in order to build another runway to service air travellers to Paris.
Jim and Yvonne Collinson, from Perth, asked police to disinter the body of 17-year-old James, who died at Deepcut, Surrey, in March this year from a single gunshot to the head.
And yesterday a judge at the Court of Session made the rare decision to disinter the remains.
The local authority now have three months to disinter the remains of the two bodies wrongly buried in Mr Paterson's plot.
A Midland woman who lost the octuplets she was carrying has applied to disinter the babies and rebury them at a new resting place after a row over the wording for their gravestone.
At the end of 1945, according to the archive, Lieutenant General Kobulow, in command of the PoW department of the Red Army, cabled Moscow that he wanted to disinter the bodies.
I disinter the murky fund-raising of past Tory regimes - in Maggie Thatcher's time as much as pounds 1million was taken from dodgy car chief Octav Botnar before he legged it to Switzerland - not to absolve Tony Blair and Labour.
In pursuit of that goal, she disinters the ideas of three relatively obscure British anarchists (to this anarchist reviewer, certainly): Herbert Read, Alex Comfort, and Colin Ward.
This 2CD-set trawls the sessions of both, disinters the abandoned Lei'd In Hawaii Live album and adds various live cuts for 54 previously unreleased tracks.
In two other sculptural models, he disinters Robert Smithson's Partially Buried Woodshed, 1970, a work politicized by the shooting of a student at Kent State during an antiwar demonstration only months after it was realized on the Ohio campus, and by its eventual removal.
It disinters the Cash legend and gives it new life beyond the grave.

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