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Duban's study extends to Henry Jr, whose much annotated edition of his father's Lectures and Miscellanies suggests that he was concerned with the disinterestedness of the artist in relation to economic or social matters.
an opportunity to soften that understandable hostility, by demonstrating the disinterestedness that U.
Their evaluation, however, requires expertise in the hard sciences, and a level of disinterestedness in assessing the evidence that is not present in either the pro- or anti-Kyoto advocates.
Penned around the time of the birth of empirical psychology, Kierkegaard writes, "If sin is dealt with in metaphysics, the mood becomes one of dialectical uniformity and disinterestedness.
Because the principals of CSK may hold investment positions or receive financial benefits from share appreciation, financings or other activities involving the company, there can be no assurance of disinterestedness on the part of CSK or in the research report.
Among other recent contributions to Arnold scholarship not yet covered, two articles stand out: Kevin McLaughlin's "Culture and Messianism: Disinterestedness in Arnold" (VS 50, no.
To perceive as readily and pursue as energetically the difficulties of one's own position as those of one's opponents; to take pains to discover, and present fully, the genuine problems that one's opponent is, however futilely, addressing"--this is his account of disinterestedness as Matthew Arnold understood it, and surely a description of the author's own outlook.
maintaining a mature and informed disinterestedness, a humane and
In writing about the new anthology of his critical and personal writings that Ted Solotaroff has now assembled in Alfred Kazin's America, I am obliged, however, to declare an interest--or rather, an absence of disinterestedness.
Douglass's toleration for Prichard may have stemmed from the latter's performance of scientific disinterestedness.
The new ethics of the Other, of alterity (whether total or relative), seeks redress for the false claim of reason to universality and disinterestedness when reason has always been demonstrably interested and totalizing.
The Liberal party famously came together at Willis's Rooms on 6 June 1859; Palmerston and Russell, as reported in the press, competing with each other in expressing disinterestedness and readiness to cooperate.

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