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It read: "All of the abovenamed family members support this petition" and added "the proposed disinterment and re-interment of the deceased being in accordance with the deceased's family's wishes, and having been deemed feasible by the relevant local authority, Warrant to disinter and re-inter should be granted as first craved.
However, while such attention is useful and certainly practical at the level of service provision and social policy, we need to be mindful of the ideological weight that might accompany the isolation of specific forms of violence and their disinterment from the complex of violence (from the interpersonal to the socio-political).
Contract notice: Service of execution of all operations cemetery, including levy zinc, within the main cemetery and exhumation, disinterment reinumazioni inconsunti of mortal remains and, on call, part of the funeral in suburban cemeteries.
I don't want anyone to do my tires or firebomb my house or, you know, dig up my granny,'' he said, referring to a campaign in 2004 against a farmer breeding guinea pigs for medical research, which included the disinterment of his mother-in-law.
41) Although the putative child's claims were dismissed on the basis of the statute of limitations, (42) the case is significant for its acknowledgment that genetic testing of a deceased is available to establish parentage, even if disinterment is required for this purpose.
Running through Verbale and Ni Chuilleanain's poem is a resistance to closure, which generates a process of disinterment and entombment, which in Verbale * Minutes * Tuairisc is at one point described in terms of the rise and fall of the tides:
No tumulo de Christian Rosencreutz" begins with an epigraph, a translated excerpt from the Fama Fraternitatis, which describes the amazingly good condition of Rosenkreutz's corpse at the time of his 1604 disinterment in Germany, one hundred and twenty years after his death (it was this finding that developed into the pivotal story of the Rosicrucian sect).
Donl Peterson, in The Story of the Book of Abraham; Mummies, Manuscripts', and Mormonism (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1995), provides the details of the disinterment of the mummies by Italian adventurer Antonio Lebolo, working in Thebes, and their acquisition by Chandler, who dishonestly represented himself as Lebolo's nephew.
31) Until the early-twentieth century exhumation was thoroughly associated with the practice of bodysnatching, the disinterment of corpses by medical students or paid agents for medical dissection.
On Milton's disinterment and circulation in the relic market, see Lorna Clymer, "Cromwell's Head and Milton's Hair: Corpse Theory in Spectacular Bodies of the Interregnum," The Eighteenth Century 40.
Parks, on the other hand, deploys tropes of burial, disinterment, and the talking dead in a narrative that consciously seeks to dig up the past, to seek Jim Crow's undead in the post-civil rights imaginary: fast-and-loose light-skinned women, masculine lesbians living as men, clueless beneficiaries of racial uplift programs, and the hardscrabble working poor for whom legal equality at the federal level may not speak to their daily needs as much as may some jewels buried in the ground.
Lee and Lee-Hamilton are "given to images of burial and submersion, disinterment, emergence, and discovery" (pp.