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Unlike single-purpose data networking systems built on disjointed point technology such as separate load balancers, caching and compression systems, and SSL accelerators, the TMX family provides a complete, integrated solution.
OVER THE YEARS THESE DISJOINTED, SHORT-TERM-ORIENTED policies OK'd state-sponsored violence by the U.
It's a curse, not because making an oddly disjointed collection of songs and putting them on the same album is necessarily wrong, but because most people just don't have the patience to put up with it.
Flitting between English and Nelly's native Portuguese, this is a disjointed track which doesn't effectively capture the passion and power of the beautiful game.
For the intimate nature of such a spiritual quest, the disjointed nature that is akin to much of Williams's work creates an undeniable tension between the work and the reader.
Her 1999 work, For the Time Being, seems at first to be impossibly disjointed, juxtaposing sections on the personal life of the great Jesuit scientist and theologian, Teilhard de Chardin, with bits of Chinese history, Jewish mysticism, observations of nature, facts about natural disasters, descriptions of babies born with terrible genetic defects, a natural history of sand and a catalogue of clouds.
We looked a mediocre side and our play was so disjointed that we were never able to establish a firm foothold against a team surely destined for a return to Division One.
Smith allows a sentence or two at most about each of his many examples; and subjects crop up all over the place in a disjointed fashion.
First, he organizes his material around specific issues and contexts (as indicated by the chapter headings: "The artist and his workshop," "The turn towards Italy," "Breu and the Reformation," "The 'deutsch' and the 'welsch': neoclassicism and its uses") rather than insisting on a fabricated, seamless weave of chronology, biography, and formal analysis (even so, Morrall's book manages to avoid the fragmentary, disjointed character that often mars issueoriented writing in that the issues and their supporting materials are arranged in roughly chronological sequence that allows the book to maintain a felicitous flow).
As it turned out, I learned the hard way that when entrusted with rendering Japanese into English, computers are capable of turning out remarkably convoluted vocabulary and disjointed syntax.
Meeks provides an introduction, "Reflections on an Era," which describes the path he took in biblical interpretation and at the same time gives a coherence to what might otherwise appear as disjointed essays.
But compared to the inevitability of end-stage AIDS, drug side effects and toxicities are manifest in disjointed, individualized patterns.