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Thus, the divergences estimated here are within the range of divergence times estimated for relatives with similar disjunct distributions.
But in a disjunct market, volatility is the hallmark and with that comes the realisation that if the trading system does break down again, it will be instantaneous, disastrous and calamitous.
Thereby it is also intended to test if the disjunct Mesopotamian-yungas pattern is supported by the model and to identify areas in which future sampling efforts would be productive in filling in distribution gaps.
Disjunct populations are present in southern Michigan, western Ohio, southern Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and east of the Appalachian Mountains.
In searching for an explanation for apparent disjunct distributions of some species (beetles, bryophytes, spiders) in Canada, Greenland, and Europe, many biologists proposed a model of ice free enclaves to provide refugia during glaciation.
Emphasis is also placed on species occurring as disjuncts and those at the edge of their range.
Hence, criteria include the following: 1) African Ebola virus reservoirs would be distributed principally in evergreen broadleaf forest; 2) the main focus of the geographic distribution of the reservoir(s) would be in the Congo Basin; 3) a disjunct (allopatric) distributional area would be present in West Africa; 4) a related taxon in eastern Africa would range in more arid habitats; 5) the reservoir would belong to a clade more broadly distributed across Africa and Southeast Asia.
When the vermilion darter, now a federally listed species, was discovered a thorough analysis of presumed close relatives revealed three undescribed and disjunct relatives.
However, the systems are binary, with conjunct used for first person in statements and second person in questions, while disjunct is used for all other persons.
In fact, that both the Biggers and the Daltons perceive each of their worlds as largely disjunct from that of the other is actually another form of mystification which will hinder them from objectively apprehending the nature of their social order.
Thus the associative leaps in Six and One Remorses for the Sky and The Light Tree and the Fourteenth Beauty, the simple prose for the nightbook of Diary of an Invisible April (1984), and the disjunct images of Athens in Maria Nephele.
In others they are simply growing smaller and more disjunct.