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The disjunction "ravens or shoes" doesn't constitute a natural type because it is, what I term, "wildly heterogeneous.
Just as wise professors know that the future of their field lies not in their own interests but in those of their graduate students, the first disjunction suggests an end to bemoaning a secularization that has emptied church pews.
This unpalatable result clearly depends on the assumption that [disyuncion] is truth-functional, so that every disjunction with indeterminate disjuncts is indeterminate.
No disjunction would be visible because the first year of life traditionally has a page of its own and no disjunctions or blips would appear on the following charts for one to five year olds.
If Laura Bush does not recognize this disjunction, it is because she chooses not to.
Another illustration of the disjunction between the Bush administration and its devoted GOP supporters was offered immediately after the convention.
Furthermore, distributive laws: A [disjunction] B [conjunction] C = (A [disjunction] B) [conjunction] (A [disjunction] C) and A [conjunction](B [disjunction] C)= A [conjunction] B [disjunction] A [conjunction] C are valid and can be written in this way as the present logic binds conjunctions tighter than disjunctions.
Sexual but not reproductive: exploring the junction and disjunction of sexual and reproductive rights.
The fact that the film is set in Hartford, Connecticut, suggests that its concerns lie not with the overt racial hatred often associated with the contemporary white South, but with subtler forms of prejudice, perhaps even with a disjunction between liberal rhetoric and lived reality more redolent of America since the Civil Rights Acts.
Donald Weinstein's chapter on Savonarolan confessors' manuals explores the disjunction between the Dominican's fiery millenarian preaching and the kinder, gentler path of admonition expected of confessors.
Abrams: There seemed to be a growing disjunction between consumers and nursing homes, and between nursing homes and government.
With modernism irony ceases to be an isolatable rhetorical device, and becomes a generalized vision of disjunction which a host of other devices can be pressed into expressing.