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A switch made at this age could handle not only the disjunction in weight, but also a similar, annoying disjunction in height [see the height and weight centiles in Figure 2].
At the same time, this incongruity is also symptomatic of a broader issue that will constitute a genuine drawback for some readers: a disjunction between the orientation of this book and the latter-day refutation of the specious but longstanding notion that Schumann entered into a gradual state of mental deterioration in the late 1840s, with a concomitant decline in his artistic judgment and creative faculties.
Coupled with results of phylogenetic analyses and molecular dating, the South Pacific disjunction of Oreomyrrhis is clearly a result of recent long-distance dispersal, most likely during the late Pliocene to the early Pleistocene.
The implication p [right arrow] q is obtained from disjunction and negation combination, where: p [right arrow] = q ~ p [disjunction] q.
Summary: Never in my adult life have I ever experienced in the Middle East and the Western world anything like the prevailing disjunction today between the ISIS threat that preoccupies all publics and governments, and the apparent inability of political systems to deal with it coherently.
In other cases, the disjunction between painting and manuscript is visual.
Contemporary database query languages are ultimately founded on logic and feature an additive operation usually a form of (multi)set union or disjunction that is asymmetric in that additions or updates do not always have an inverse.
Mr Hudson has done the county a disservice by using SAT's disjunction with Northumberland's middle school sytem as a stick to beat the system with.
n]); while the n-conorm is the neutrosophic disjunction operator, NEUTROSOPHIC OR ([[disjunction].
similarly, in the midst of the present church crises Charles Taylor, author of A Secular Age, sat down and traced out the four quadrants of the ever-growing disjunction between church and people.
So the disjunction between memory and the real, what was once and is no more, signals change for this ship rat.
This record continues a noteworthy pattern of disjunction for western cheilanthoid ferns: in most cases where a predominantly western species has populations east of the Appalachians, the species involved is an apomictic triploid.