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In 22b and 23b, entire nonnumeral phrases are disjoined, with the result that the expressions cannot be construed as DNEs, just as in the case of the disjunctive phrases in examples 19-21.
He describes telisa gedola, for example, as a remote disjunctive (e.
It is necessary to step outside the limits of the prevailing scientific paradigm and disjunctive reasoning, he contends, though it enjoys monopoly status in the hard sciences, because it excludes from its scope everything that cannot be grasped through the range of its concepts and tools, among them deep complexity.
In Johnson's essay, Shakespeare "portrays the disjunctive violence inherent in the Troynovant tradition" in a way that "undermines the exemplarity of Troy's fall.
The above paragraphs suggest the range of the essays that comprise this volume while also indicating their disjunctive arguments.
At the opposite extreme is a radically disjunctive poetics that systematically assaults all habitual language use in a poetry of relatively free-floating signifiers.
Halpern's agenda is, with Shakespeare as touchstone, to redeem modernism as less disjunctive with the postmodern than is often thought, and to reveal its common link with the self-awareness, complexity, and the social significance of contemporary theory.
These relate essentially to the manner of presenting the texts on the question first of the clitic stop: although it is applied in exemplary fashion for most of the time, it has also been used to construct syntactic units like `mes si', `she has placed herself', where one would expect simply mes si, with disjunctive use of the pronoun.
Text and Context: The Essay and the Politics of Disjunctive Form.
He believes there is nothing disjunctive in the relationship between the historical and theological approaches to church authority.
Put this next to the fact that her book is dedicated in part to William Burroughs (and appropriately so, though less in terms of the Pope of Pomo's rabid style than of his disjunctive dream visions) and you come away with a pretty good sense of Jessica Amanda Salmonson's The Eleventh Jaguarundi.