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Because Iowa has a fairly high concentration of specialists on disjunctive prose, it is not uncommon for this type of literature assignment to find its way to the Writing Center.
In 22b and 23b, entire nonnumeral phrases are disjoined, with the result that the expressions cannot be construed as DNEs, just as in the case of the disjunctive phrases in examples 19-21.
These compacts avoid the drawbacks of other approaches that include disjunctive state laws or federal initiatives that could take control away from states, supporters say.
Fortunately for us, Garden also exemplifies a dialogue with the reader and/or viewer; a dialogue that multiplies and extends beyond borders and barriers, at times disjunctive and fragmented, at others harmonious and private.
Where a statute contains two clauses which prescribe its applicability, and the clauses are connected by a disjunctive (e.
Tharp herself brings the ability to create flow, no matter how disjunctive the movements are.
This phrase is awkward in both Greek and English because of the switch from the disjunctive "neither/nor" to the conjunctive "and.
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Complexity, constraint satisfaction problem, disjunctive constraints, independence, NP-completeness, relations
A disjunctive shear foliation observed in both hand specimen and thin section is interpreted to represent Carboniferous reactivation of folds in the Meguma Supergroup, as has been reported elsewhere in the Meguma terrane.
The statutory language of this necessity requirement is disjunctive and actually permits the government to establish the necessity for the electronic surveillance in three different ways.
Note that the scoring functions for both conjunctive and disjunctive queries for the fuzzy and probabilistic Boolean models satisfy the monotonicity property.
In making this point I fully grant that Kelly is not to be blamed if his sources on occasion lead him to conclusions which are too disjunctive.