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In this paper, we propose a conceptual approach for discovering the observed frequency (proportion) of each control-flow branch of the disjunctive routing patterns from the enactment event logs of a business process model.
Some examples will clarify the idea of a disjunctive explanation.
A relaxation of the domination number, called disjunctive domination, was proposed and studied by Goddard et al.
In particular, one might suggest that we should also consider disjunctive causes, such as being tree A or tree B.
It is observed that the transformation from a disjunctive normal form to a developed disjunctive normal form is done very easily by replacing clause 0 from the disjunctive normal form that does not contain a key [k.
The Army court held that the disjunctive charging was error, but that the error was waived by failure to raise the issue at trial.
As a doctrinal matter, the disjunctive theory is a relatively
Hence, the meaning of 'unless' is interpreted in a way similar to an exclusive disjunctive assertion, as follows:
This reason can also be understood as a reason to bring about the truth disjunctive proposition (one does not intend E V one takes M).
Thus, the Western dialect, Atkan, typically uses a disjunctive coordinator morphologically formed from a passive construction, whereas the same coordinator in Eastern and Pribilovian is based on an active construction.
For example, for a company is likely to exist in the model (7) p = 10 disjunctive conditions, so in this case should be resolved [2.
Other than the disjunctive synthesis--Deleuze's concept in which two disparate notions may be jointly suspended on a background of convergence--Lecercle's study is driven by what he calls "strong reading," a process in which he identities the synthesis of the disparate projects of Badiou and Deleuze as their similar understanding of the role of philosophy in relationship to the literary text.