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My claim that you can have a wide-scope disjunctive reason while lacking any narrow-scope reasons is not, of course, to be equated with the paradoxical claim that a disjunction could be true without either of its disjuncts being true.
As I argued above, you can have reason to make a disjunction true without having reason to make each of its disjuncts true.
Representatives from each of the two disjuncts of Sarracenia alata are included in the analysis (Table 1).
Representatives of Sarracenia alata from the eastern and western disjuncts are so designated.
Disjunct populations are present in southern Michigan, western Ohio, southern Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and east of the Appalachian Mountains.
Near its southern range boundary, eastern hemlock occurs in isolated populations disjunct from the contiguous range.
In this way, the disjunct in conversation between my two departments seemed symptomatic of the way liberal politics, in general, 'accommodates' that which is 'different'/ other (Schutte, 2000): either by oppositionally relegating it to the 'outside' and therein solidifying the 'inside'; or, by appropriating it in order to make it the same.
This paper attempts to demonstrate that this disjunct between discourse and practice has the effect of reifying the same set of hegemonic relations, both local and global, that initially created the conflict.
Established disjunct species evidence diaspore movement and provide a baseline for assessing the frequency of dispersal but this baseline recognizably fails to reflect dispersal with precision.
The Alabama population is disjunct from other populations of Thelypteris pilosa var.
Now, if the nature of this fully actualized state is that of fully occurrent knowing/ knowledge (as in interpretation (i) of the second disjunct of premise (4) above) and if such occurrent knowing/knowledge is resident in the individual human knower whose knowing/knowledge it causes (as in interpretation (a) of premise (4) above), the paradoxical result to which I alluded at the beginning of this essay follows.
Itea has historically been considered one among many plant genera displaying an eastern North American-eastern Asian disjunct pattern (e.