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This disjuncture puts a heavy burden on the researcher, who must work very hard to extract information and inferences about contacts and connections from available case studies and an older literature.
Koestenbaum uses the erotic nature of opera as a means to explore his ideas of gay sexuality, a dark and troubling vision of disjuncture, loneliness, and failure" (p.
By the 1980s, this disjuncture between theprivate and social returns of investment in people was widespread.
The disjuncture between "official" published accounts and the "unofficial" narratives gleaned through the e-media and fieldwork shapes Gao's thesis, which is that one's understanding of the Mao period stems from one's values and beliefs in the present.
Otherwise, I think the disjuncture between part 1 and part 2 would have been too great, where as it is, I think the slight uncertainty is quite helpful.
More troubling, The Mysterious Death of Mary Rogers has a fundamental disjuncture that Srebnick never quite bridges.
He explains that this clock time is at this moment (tick-tock, tick-tock) being undermined and replaced by another temporal empire based on a computer's idea of real time, and this disjuncture opens a crack through which is it possible to see that time, space, and timespace are social constructs.
But there are also moments of strange disjuncture, most especially the speakers' calls to civil disobedience and their shared conviction about the efficacy of such actions.
What interests him most is the regional nature of economic growth and the remarkable disjuncture between differing areas over the longue duree.
Again, there was no single statement, but a widespread impulse to see breakdown as a disjuncture between external reality and internal mental framework.
Although the theoretical constructs framing her article are cogent and persuasive, a disjuncture exists between this frame and Chapman's more diffuse analysis of her material, which focuses more on what people say about the music (much of this derived from secondary sources) than on musical performance itself.
of Maryland-College Park) traces the persistence of 21 elite families across what many celebrated or decried as a democratic disjuncture.