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Enterprises that wouldn't think of letting an accounting school dropout run its finances, a Luddite run IT, or a klutz supervise safety routinely let dislikable, insincere, or aloof men and women assume stewardship for a crew of the company's ostensibly greatest assets.
Though Dalai relished the absolute authority conferred on a storyteller to dole out deserving fates to his dislikable characters, he also took a simple, childish joy in putting over outlandish tales.
Now, having presented his dislikable, loutish, bigoted and misanthropic principal characters, Roth invites the audience to share their terror as whoever survives tries to escape the horror.
And a more dissolute, disreputable and dislikable character to break with the suave, super-competent 007 image would be hard to imagine.
Deeply dislikable, ugly, foul-mouthed, unsuccessful and painfully poor, he seems by this time to have been bent on revenge on the world that had rejected him, and he came back to England with the tale of a sensational conspiracy.
Chapter 6 [(sic)s] offers a fairly amusing meditation on the "(Sic) of irony" complete with a suitably sophisticated post-structuralist disclaimer of the word zeitgeist as "a tired and dislikable word reluctantly re-yoked for short, symbolic duty here" to delineate the "virtually automated cynicism" characteristic of literary criticism in this postmodern, post-contemporary era in the Nova Hibernia of the present.
There's little in the way of imaginative idealism, just loads of drum banging and the celebration of people who have either killed or been killed, or who have just generally been dislikable gits to many in our society.
Meanwhile Steven Mackintosh and Cathryn Bradshaw are so thoroughly dislikable in their roles, you have to marvel at May's self-control.
But Duncan-Jones reads the available documentary evidence from a single-minded and sometimes distorted perspective in order to prove that he was a dislikable, even reprehensible character.
The instantly dislikable youth in the story had a 28 gauge (my favorite upland and dove gauge), while the older man carried a silver-worn 12-gauge Parker.
It's true, Egan's characters are potentially dislikable, if not despicable.
Into so unpromising an environment, peopled by politicians resembling the richly dislikable and moronic Wilcoxes depicted by fellow King's graduate E.