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This new Downvote feature is the closest thing to a Facebook Dislike button and it appears to be very similar to Reddit's own comments ranking system, as pointed out by (https://www.
Indian Prime Minister has also drew dislike of his nations, as only 21 per cent of Indians approved of Modi's handling of Pakistan, the survey found, which has been consistent since 2015, when the research body first asked that question that was the year of Modi's visit to Pakistan to meet Sharif, just weeks after they had met in Paris on the sidelines of climate talks.
Actually, dislike is a very mild term in our family.
We all have different feelings but I think it's sad they pass their dislike on to children and grandchildren instead of letting them decide for themselves - and their dislike is never an excuse to harm them.
There are some people who like Christmas and there are some people who dislike Christmas.
NNA - We dislike utterances leveled at Walid Beik Jumblatt by his critics, minister of Public Health Wael Abou-Faour, commented in a public statement today.
I don't think the dislike button is an advertising opportunity, but it is more of an opportunity to gather insights and sentiment analysis about the consumer's view on the brand," says Tarek Karzon, digital director at Initiative Saudi Arabia.
People were liking stuff that was really inappropriate but now they can dislike these posts so it makes sense.
During the session he said, "I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years.
To accomplish this, I apply MCA and LCA to a set of 21 musical likes and dislikes, illuminating contours of a musical field that distinguishes between people who like most musical genres, people who dislike most musical genres, and people who are ambivalent about most musical genres.
The question was simple: What do you like and dislike about your culture?