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55) Among newspaper reviewers, Alexander Walker in the Evening Standard found it 'savagely funny', the Financial Times critic thought its 'satirical edge [was] knife-sharp', while Patrick Gibbs in the Daily Telegraph found the people dislikeable and the taste sour but had 'no reservation' about the quality of the acting.
The rest of the family--aside from the narrator's mother, who is sympathetically portrayed--are depicted as dislikeable types.
There are plenty of dislikeable Charlie Big-Spuds in their side but he's not one of them.
Through her loud and histrionic behavior, Carmen is presented in such an unappealing light that she is instantly dislikeable.
However dislikeable the chauvinism of some of Corby's defenders, one would have to have concerns about a system where a judge asks a criminologist to 'look into a defendant's eyes and say whether she is the sort of person who could commit such a crime'.
There is no one in Topaz who is either wholly likable or wholly dislikeable, whatever their allegiances, and this balance of reactions is vital to the film's vision.
for if there is an approach decidedly more dislikeable and much more of a hindrance to an understanding of these movements and their consequences, which tore the hearts of men, it is that which tries to reject emotion in favour of a fraudulent god's eye view.
These are just regular people who had no reason to know why these things are dislikeable," he said.
Upon arrival at his castle "with its turrets of misty blue, its courtyard, its spiked gate" (13), the young bride, like the young bride in Rebecca, is introduced to the housekeeper, a woman with a "bland, pale, impassive, dislikeable face" (14) whose "correct but lifeless" (14) greeting chills her to the bone.
MAN GETS 17 YEARS FOR TUBE BOMB PLOT: PAGE 35 SALMAN Abedi was an "averagely lazy, dislikeable boy" who refused to do his coursework on time, according to one of his former teachers.
That is, dislikeable characters, dysfunctional families, an unreliable narrator, and a claustrophobic world you just can't tear yourself away from.
Their protagonists are unsympathetic, verging on dislikeable, so when misfortune befalls these supposedly good people, we feel a delicious pang of schadenfreude rather than fear or concern.