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Other locations high on the do-not-visit list were Dundee, due to bad weather there, Sunderland (nothing to offer with dislikeable local accents) and Newport in South Wales, which was seen as having a high crime rate.
The Berliners have a reputation for being terse, impatient, dislikeable.
Self-obsessed People, Vapid People or Thoroughly Dislikeable People would have been far more honest titles.
If the title alone doesn't make you throw your TV out the window and go live on a mountain top in hermetic isolation, a few minutes in the company of its implausibly dislikeable subjects--think low-rent Pixie Geldof clones without the towering contribution to human cultural endeavour--sure will.
One of the most striking aspects of the portrayal of this character is that she becomes more and more dislikeable in the course of the novel.
Brett Polegato made an intelligently thought-out, deliberately dislikeable Don, low on charm, high on aggressiveness and handsomely sung, with Robert Pomakov's Leporello, Gordon Gietz's bespectacled Don Ottavio, Richard Wiegold's Commendatore and Stanislav Shvets' Masetto ably rounding out the male roster.
But, in all honesty, a lot of people are seriously dislikeable.
While these fragments of memories are constructed in the series, the viewers are also engaging in deconstructing their own memories--memories of high school years, dislikeable teachers, trips, and most importantly our first love.
The film rapidly cools from a bright opening into congealed sludge, stuffed full of too many characters who are neither endearingly likeable nor brutishly dislikeable and who often talk over each other.
He is a thoroughly dislikeable human and the type of character 'face' actors normally avoid like the plague because they don't like to play the bad guy.
The rest of the family--aside from the narrator's mother, who is sympathetically portrayed--are depicted as dislikeable types.
There are plenty of dislikeable Charlie Big-Spuds in their side but he's not one of them.