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On the Friday, as soon as he came in, she asked him to please to tell her why he disliked her family.
I suppose that a man who may be liked may also be disliked.
She disliked Bath, and did not think it agreed with her; and Bath was to be her home.
Natasha remained silent, from shyness Marya Dmitrievna supposed, but really because she disliked anyone interfering in what touched her love of Prince Andrew, which seemed to her so apart from all human affairs that no one could understand it.
She and Jane would have been altogether cheered (in a tearful manner) by this sign that a brother who disliked seeing them while he was living had been prospectively fond of their presence when he should have become a testator, if the sign had not been made equivocal by being extended to Mrs.
Michael neither liked nor disliked him, but, rather, merely accepted him.
Michael never was aware whether he liked or disliked the bathing function.
But he already felt that Howards End was the objective, and, though he disliked the house, was determined to defend it.
She disliked her elder nephew exceedingly, and despised him as a milksop.
But the princess disliked this exaggeration, and disliked even more the fact that she felt her daughter did not care to show her all her heart.
He would have disliked having a deformed boy for his companion, even if Philip had not been the son of a bad man.
He thought, or rather felt, that Tom had an aversion to looking at him; every one, almost, disliked looking at him; and his deformity was more conspicuous when he walked.