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It was found that one of the LRT train cars had its collector shoes dislodged, causing it to stall near Choa Chu Kang station.
For his part, Chairman of Anbar Council, Sabah Kartout, said in the press conference that the visit of UN Representative aims to find cooperation opportunities in the fields of services, health, environment and the dislodged.
SAFE': A general view of St Mary''s in Whitby, North Yorkshire, where a series of landslips over the past two months have dislodged banks of earth containing human remains from graves, as its graveyard continues to disappear down the surrounding cliffs
The ship had drifted across the Pacific after being dislodged by last year's tsunami
What the doctors are worried about is the nerve trapped by the dislodged bone in his neck.
I do have very small bits of shrapnel in my hands and a piece dislodged out of my shoulder two years after I returned from war but I had no idea that it was in my jaw and causing me so many problems.
Make quick, upward and inward thrusts with your fist and continue until the object is dislodged but stop if the victim loses consciousness.
Completely dislodged from utilitarian purpose and observed through a veil of imposed slowness, the magnified, mass-produced tool becomes sculptural--monumental even--at the precise moment when a fluffy white powder begins to fall and collect in tiny piles on every key.
Finally, less than 340,000 years ago, another impact dislodged SaU 169 from the moon.
After an unsuccessful attempt at the Heimlich maneuver, Officer Gray laid the now unconscious man on the floor and continued abdominal thrusts until the object became dislodged.
The brake chamber can even be dislodged, resulting in air loss great enough to lock up all the brakes on the semitrailer.